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Both parties conclude a fixed-term tenancy Contract as follows:

1.  Subject of the lease

House, Dolní Podluží, house number           . The tenant has the right to use this subject for the duration of this contract exclusively.

The contractual relationship arises through the payment of a deposit.

2.  General arrangements

The client of the stay must be a person over the age of 18 who also is responsible for the obligations being followed by the other accommodated persons.

  • The tenant is responsible for the number of people accommodated, namely: maximum adults and                children, 14 people in total can be accommodated in the facilty, this count cannot be exceeded. These rights and obligations defined by this Contract appy to all accommodated people.
  • The tenant is obliged to hand over the subject of the lease to the landlord in the state in which he has taken it, ie without defects and damage, in the cleaned condition after the lease has been terminated. Final cleaning includes rubbing the floors, washing the dishes, cleaning kitchen, bathroom, toilet. For negligence of final cleaning, the landlord is entitled to claim reimbursement up to 500 Kč
  • If the tenant or the persons using the object of the lease cause damage to lessor‘s property, the tenant must immediately inform the landlord of this fact. The lessor, or his authorized representative, is entitled to immediately claim compensation for damages, the tenant is obliged to pay the calculated amount in cash or by transferring it to the landlord’s account. For this purpose, a deposit may be deducted. If the damage exceeds 5,000 Kč and there is no immediate Contract between the parties on compensation, the case will be forwarded to the Police of the Czech Republic.
  • In the event of a breakdown, the tenant informs the landlord by phone, which will ensure repairs. If the guests cause damage to the landlord’s property, they are obliged to report this fact to the landlord and agree on compensation.
  • Guests have the duty to respect local noise regulation (noise diturbance prohibited at 22:00 – 7:00).
  • Smoking, use of drugs or other psychotropic substances, storage of highly flammable or explosive substance sis strictly prohibited in the facility. Making of fire outside the fireplace stove is prohibited aswell.
  • The landlord may carry out a random check of the property at any time of day or night so as not to interfere with its use by the tenant or the other accommodated persons.
  • The lessor of the house awaits clients directly in the building. The house is handed over to the clients in a cleaned state, rooms furnished according to the inventory (a copy in the building). Upon taking over the cottage, the client consigns a deposit of 5,000 Kč, which will be returned to the client after a flawless return of the property to the landlord after the end of the stay.
  • When the cottage is handed over, the status of the electrometer is recorded in the presence of the client, the same at the end of the stay.
  • If the lessee finds defects caused by the client after the final check, he is entitled to deduct compensation corresponding to this defect from the refundable deposit. In the event that such damage or defects exceed 4,000 Kč, the lessor is entitled to additional compensation from the client.
  • Upon handover at the start and once again at the end of the stay, a transfer protocol will be written down.

3.  Rent, services, maturity

  • The amount of rent for the term of the lease is  Kč.
  • Method of payment:

Refundable deposit payment

The deposit is due to three working days from booking confirmation. Reservation confirmation is usually processed the next business day after receiving the booking. The amount of the deposit is 50% of the total price of the stay. See How to Order.

To make your reservation, you need only five simple steps:

  1. Select an object – you can select objects in the catalog or by searching in the filter in the left column of the site.
  2. In the details of the object Choose a free date of stay with a specific price in the “Free dates and pricelist” tab and click on the Reservation button.
  3. On the Reservation page, enter the number of people. You can also enter other details (pet, bedding, etc.) including a note.
  4. On the Reservation page, fill in the contact information.
  5. Click the “Submit Reservation” button

The agreed rent does not include the fee for the recreation stay and the refundable deposit of 5,000 Kč. These payments are paid in cash when the object is taken over.

The possibility of exceeding the capacity of the building for small children:

Facility capacity applies to all persons, including children. In case you have 1-2 small children without need of an extra bed above the capacity of the facility, you can make an online reservation and place a note in the order. The owner of the building may request a fee for exceeding the capacity of the facility or, in extreme cases, may refuse to increase the capacity. Each booking is considered individually.

You can also find information about the possibility of exceeding the capacity of an object by asking a question for the object online or by contacting us directly via tel +420602346492. We will inform you about the possibilities for a particular stay in a particular building.

Stay with dogs:

Generally, the stay of a dog is forbidden.You may ask for an exception.

Length of New Year’s Eve Stays?

Standard weekly stays are sold on New Year’s Eve. Shorter stays on New Year’s Eve can only be confirmed if the weekly rate is paid. If you wish to order shorter than a week stay, fill in and send the inquiry form with your request. We will contact you for the confirmation of your reservation by the next working day.

  • On the day of handing over the subject of the lease to the lessor, the tenant will pay in cash the amount of electricity consumed in the rental object, determined by accurate calculation from the description of the electrometer. A refundable deposit of 5,000 Kč will be returned to the tenant in cash upon receipt of the undamaged rental item.

Costs include:

  • Stay in recreational facilities for a fixed period of time
  • Clean bedding
  • Consumption of electricity up to 5 kWh for 1 day
  • Water consumption
  • Insurance of an object against natural disasters
  • WiFi connection

Costs do NOT include:

  • Refundable deposit
  • Motor vehicle insurance and motor vehicle damage insurance vehicles during their stay
  • Cleaning of the building during the stay
  • Heating the fireplace
  • Consumption of electricity above the specified amount, charged 5 Kč per 1 kWh
  • grill
  • taproom
  • pool
  • prices on request

4.  Lease time, termination of lease

The rental relationship is closed for a fixed period, that is from                             to                             

Stays are based on bookings of at least 2 nights. Arrival between 15:00 and 18:00, handover to the lessor by 10:00.

The Lessor is entitled to terminate this lease if the tenant seriously or repeatedly violates the obligations of this Contract.

Violation of tenant‘s obligations listed in this Contract entitles the lessor to terminate this Contract with immediate effect. In such a case, the tenant is obliged to immediately clear and leave the subject of the lease. In such a case, the tenant is not entitled to a refund of the rent or its part.

5.  Recision of the contract

The tenant may rescind the contract without giving any reason until the beginning of the rental relationship. Such withdrawal is sanctioned as indicated below.

Cancellation of the client’s stay (must be made in written form, unless agreed otherwise with the owner) – cancellation fee:

  • 31 and more days before arrival – for free
  • 31–15 days before arrival – 40 % of the accommodation price
  • 14–10 days before arrival – 60 % of the accommodation price
  • 9–5 days before arrival – 80 % of the accommodation price
  • 4 and less days before arrival – 90 % of the accommodation price

In case of stay interruption on tenant’s behalf, no refunds can be applied!

In case of cancellation of the client’s stay, the remainder of the deposit will be returned to the client within 5 business days.

In case of cancellation of the stay on landlord’s behalf (force majeure, property malfunction, serious malfunction, etc.) the client will be refunded all the charges paid to within 5 business days.

6.  Responsibility

Upon handing over the subject of the lease, the lessor instructs the tenant about the operation of the object.

The Lessor bears no responsibility for any damages, losses, injuries, theft or other personal injury to persons using the subject of the lease. The stay and movement of persons throughout the property and in all its premises, including land associated with it, is solely at the own risk of all persons and under their sole responsibility, except in cases proven to be caused by the landlord. The house is handed over and in good undamaged condition.

7.  Final constitutions

  • The tenant confirms his / her consent to the handling of his / her personal data for the purposes of the records of the accommodated, and also for the purposes of accounting in the sense of the Czech tax laws. The lessor also undertakes not to provide the tenant’s personal information to a third party.
  • The participants read the contract, understood it and agreed with its contents. This agreement was concluded on the basis of their true and free will. The Contracting Parties confirm their agreement with their signatures.
  • An integral part of this contract are the operating rules, which are placed on the website and with which the tenant was acquainted before the reservation was made. By signing this lease contract the tenant explicitly declares that he / she has read the operating rules and agrees with them at all points without stipulations.

At Dolním Podluží, date:                                          

Tenant’s signature:                                                                 Lessor’s signature:                                           

Transfer Protocol

A refundable deposit of 5,000 Kč was taken over by the lessor:

The refundable deposit of 5,000 Kč was returned and taken over by the tenant:

The state of the electrometer at the beginning of the stay:                                         

The state of the electrometer at the end of the stay:                                                     

For download in PDF below:

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